In the middle of nowhere,
That was a somewhere
In a different when,
Sat the sullenly grey,
Wooden-shingled house.

It sat in the middle of a field,
That was formerly a farm
In that other when,
Where the skies were gray,
Which forebode a storm.

In the middle of the house,
There sheltered a family
Who weren’t always a family.
When The Gray came,
A family they became.

Atop the cellar stairs,
There remained two barriers,
While the rest were barren.
And as the storm began,
To the cellar the family retreated.

When blue skies departed,
The Gray was imparted
Upon this part of a different when.
She came with the storms,
Which came with The Gray.

And as this storm now came,
The family knew She was coming.
Down the stairs they descended,
As the doom She impended
Trended downward from the sky.

She was like the storm,
Until in the window She took form;
And a tangible blue She became.
As She peered through the damp glass,
The family huddled amidst the cool stone.

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8/1/14: a haiku

Today, I would like to offer up some context to the poem, because it holds special meaning to me. Its title is the date it was written–at the outset of arguably the toughest spell in my life, but nevertheless the period of most significant growth. It was a time marked by constant thought, and restless sleep; the latter of which plagued me on August 1, 2014: a relatively temperate night spent peering out the guest bedroom window of my wonderful, inimitable friend, Daniel’s, house. It’s the only haiku I’ve ever attempted. I hope you enjoy it:

cool summer’s eve
removes the leaves

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eternal monday’s

If we lived in eternity would Monday
Be just like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?
Or would it be just another mundane day?
Up early, nine-to-five: all work, and no play?
Would we still view it with such disdain, and pray
That it be over with, and take us one day
Closer to the end of the week; to Friday?
Alas, we are temporal beings; Monday
Will stay Monday. Though we may wake to skies gray,
Still know it as an ever important day,
another precious day in a life of days
Numbered—and therefore special. Embrace today.

Have a good day.

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run on


I run
(not) for time,
(not) for pace,
(not) to any particular place;

I run
(just) for time,
(just) for pace,
(just) in my life’s particular place;

I run
(not) a step,
(not) a race,
(not) with any particular grace;

I run
(just) a step,
(just) a race,
(just) for my life’s particular grace.

(Not) time for a run.
(Just) time for a run.



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Songs listened to during composition of this post (Spotify playlist):

  • Singularity, Jon Hopkins
  • Emerald Rush, Jon Hopkins
  • Bloodflow, Grandbrothers
  • From a Distance, Grandbrothers
  • Long Forgotten Future, Grandbrothers