(my)our day

Paul & Josh 75%

Havin’ my second party
You came

Cryin’ when she had to leave
Mom shame

Sittin’ with my grandparents
No blame

Openin’ my next present
New game

Quittin’ on the party NO
Dad claimed

Headin’ back here as soon as
Paul named

Eight Fourteen: The Theiss B-Day
Bro frame


Happy birthday, bro.
Stop crashing my party.




I wish I were a skylight; a lamp atop the tallest building in my city; I want to look out from my lookout; I want to be urban; not sub but above urban; apart from you yet a part of your experience; not a subject, but a mere object; individually insignificant, collectively brilliant; just like you, but not like you; I want you to notice me, but not see me; to light your way, while staying out of it; eradicate shadows, yet staying in mine; my facade, faceless; your afterthought, thinking about you; extroverted travel to you 299,792,458 meters per second, from the introverted refuge of my bulb.


IMG_1204 2

Staring down into a glowing abyss
Ever uncertain of what I might miss

My eyes are averted, my head affixed
To the ceaseless racket, drivel so crisp

To my eyes betrayed, the antithesis
Of a life spent free of its endless mist.

(writer’s) blocks


I liked blocks as a kid
So, why’s writer’s block bad?


I have got it right now
But I’m writing, somehow.


Like back when I was young,
Playin’ with blocks is fun.

Thanks for reading.