My name is Josh Theiss (rhymes with ice), and I reside in Dallas, TX. I’ve been writing since I could–like–actually write, albeit not always very well. In fact, I still keep a handful of old papers I hand wrote as a child, or printed on one of these contraptions. I enjoy reading them from time-to-time so that I can reminisce (and make fun of my verbosity). As a child, spelling came easily to me, and I loved a spelling bee; they seemed to frequently come down to my classmate Melissa and me. However, it wasn’t until Mrs. Row’s English class in high school that I understood how to word things succinctly; my writing began to look less like this and more like this (and, no, I’m not remotely comparing myself to Jackson Pollock or Rembrandt, but instead using a literary device to make a poor joke). Furthermore, it was then that I’d begun to gain confidence in my writing abilities and sought the advice of classmates less and less.

After high school, I decided to stay close to home and attend SMU. I began as a Broadcast Journalism major, but slowly migrated to English and Philosophy, and then absenteeism (from class). It was not a very good spell academically, and I departed the school for good in the fall of 2000 on an academic suspension. It was then that I began to work for Lincoln Property Company at the now closed Village Tennis Center. It was a few years before I decided to give school another shot; while working full time, I decided to moonlight at Richland Community College, with an eye to transferring into UT Dallas as a Literary Studies major with Teaching Certification. The goal then was to become a teacher, but I ultimately dropped the Teaching Certification program before graduating in 2012. Things with LPC had been going very well–I’d been promoted to Business Manager at one of The Village’s apartment communities–and I figured I could always return and get my alternative certification.

(not finished…pretend there are more amazingly written words here)