diary of a pair (of aces)


Today is a Monday, November 7. It’s quite rainy. And let me tell you, if you’ve ever met a pair of socks that enjoys a rainy day–THEY’RE LYING. We couldn’t imagine being a pair of socks living in Seattle. Do even they wear socks there? We digress. You must be wondering why we’re writing. Well, see, today was our day! He hasn’t worn us in weeks. Oh, pardon us–have you met Josh? He’s pretty swell, especially when it was just the two–er, three?–of us. Actually, that’s a lie. We weren’t, like, the first pair in his drawer–heavens no, he had plenty of our cousins–but we were his first pair from Foot Cardigan! Yes, FOOT CARDIGAN–if we had a collar we’d pop it. Alas, we have elastic hems. Anyhow, when we arrived he was so excited–his first NEW FOOT CARDIGAN PAIR. He wanted to wear us everyday, but we were like, “dude, that’s gross.” So, thankfully, he didn’t. But he wore us at least once a week. Those were the days, and there was a lot more sun then, too! Now, we honestly don’t remember the last time he wore us. Two weeks ago? Three? Every month a new pair would show up, and this one month, like, ten pairs showed up AT THE SAME TIME. Cray cray.  Every morning we see him reaching in. “Pick us, pick us, pick us,” we always yell (no, we can’t actually yell, you dunce, but just go with it, OK?). We used to be right there on the top! Oh, it was so grand. Now we often can’t even see the crack in the drawer–like this morning! And would you believe he dug around and TOOK US. Why? Did he not hear the rain outside? I mean, he actually wanted to go out there. He hasn’t picked us in weeks and today–of all days–he opts to do so. Come on, dude. Anyhoo, we heard the metaphoric whispers of our Foot Cardigan siblings and cousins, “Pair of Aces has to go out in the rain!”  Well, much to our surprise he put us inside a new pair of shoes! They were soft, black leather, and they covered a lot more of us than most of his shoes. What a lucky day–we were protected from the rain (except when he sat down and his pant legs rode up…but baby steps)! And let us tell you–they were like walking on a mattress. They were so soft and comfortable. At lunch it really started to rain, but somehow we managed to stay dry…until he tried to get into his apartment. He walked one way, but there was a HUGE puddle. He was going to jump! Thank goodness he didn’t, but there was a puddle–albeit smaller–on the other side as well. He was a little too hasty, and the toe of his left shoe and our left half were slightly doused in water. WATER(!!): YUCK! And then Josh did the sweetest thing: we got inside, he took off his shoes and dried them off, and then he put us in the dryer. It was like being in a hot tub of air–MMMMMM. We were dry in no time! And then he put us back on and off he were–back to work! We stayed dry the rest of the day, and would you know that one of his coworkers actually complimented him on his new shoes. But I can’t help but think that we played a part–after all, what pair of aces doesn’t? The first thing he did upon getting home was take off and dry his new pair of shoes, and then dispense with us and set us into the hamper, which is where we now write this from–all warm, dry, comfy, and ready for a well-earned bath. What a great day. I can’t wait for the next one with Josh.

Thanks for reading.

-a pair of aces

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