The irony of social medium,
That thing which makes it such a tedium,
Is that the effort required to post
Subtracts from the moment which matters most:
The present, that which is ever fleeting;
Time we should wish never to be leaving.
Stay a moment longer in it will you?
Post later, when the moment bids adieu.

run on


I run
(not) for time,
(not) for pace,
(not) to any particular place;

I run
(just) for time,
(just) for pace,
(just) in my life’s particular place;

I run
(not) a step,
(not) a race,
(not) with any particular grace;

I run
(just) a step,
(just) a race,
(just) for my life’s particular grace.

(Not) time for a run.
(Just) time for a run.



Thanks for reading.



Songs listened to during composition of this post (Spotify playlist):

  • Singularity, Jon Hopkins
  • Emerald Rush, Jon Hopkins
  • Bloodflow, Grandbrothers
  • From a Distance, Grandbrothers
  • Long Forgotten Future, Grandbrothers